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IoT Off-Grid Company Overview

We are a technology company that produces IoT(Internet of Things) applications focused on renewable energy implementations. During recent years, there has been a large interest in IoT devices and the capabilities they have to facilitate a number of very important tasks with high efficiency and low cost. Early detection of forest fires, remote monitoring of water bodies, health, and wellness monitoring devices and the list goes on. However, while there are a number of applications, these systems achieving the wider adaptation into common use have been slow due to certain network and coverage limitations. However, the emergence of the Helium network has renewed interest in the capabilities of IoT devices. 

The Helium network is a decentralized LoRaWAN(Low-Power Wide Area Network) which uses radio waves for communication. Due to the low power of the communication signals, the devices that can be used in this network can be both small in profile and less power intensive. Currently, thousands of Helium HotSpots are being deployed all over the world at a rapid pace, which would provide a thorough and dependable network for IoT devices. In addition, the Helium network is built on their Blockchain technology, which can provide great versatility.

At IoT off-Grid, we research and develop IoT applications based on the Helium Network coverage that are suitable for outdoors and off-grid applications. The initial products we have developed are the IP rated outdoor enclosures, off-grid Helium Miner enclosures and RF equipment that can be deployed anywhere in the world. In the expansion of the Helium network, there will be more and more need for the deployment of miners to hard to reach places that have less or no infrastructure. Further, as the density of the miners increase, it will be less profitable to deploy miners in densely populated areas. Thus, adding an incentive to deploy miners into rural areas with less coverage, maximizing the profits in the process for the hosts. Moreover, in-line with our company's goal of facilitating wider real world application driven IoT devices, the expansion of the Helium network to rural areas is vital. Recently we have unveiled more products such as PoE enclosures and other LoRaWAN peripherals to further the deployment capabilities of Helium devices. Thus, we hope our devices will provide much needed tools to facilitate LoRaWAN coverage.

What we can offer:

It is our job, and mutually the job of a Helium consultant, to provide the best products and services in the market to customers/clients. Here at IoT Off-Grid, we develop and distribute reliable technological solutions to help the Helium miner and to help the Helium community. Currently, we distribute hardware to optimize the helium mining experience as the community continues to grow. With added connections, the network is only becoming stronger and the possibilities within the network continue to grow. In order to truly integrate the network for the community, we must develop IoT solutions specifically for the community. If your client is in need of an IoT solution, we are able to discuss the possibilities of this and work on a project that will fit their personal requirements.

What we do offer:

We provide our enclosures, antennas, and other equipment to consultants around the country. We at IoT Off-Grid can be trusted to provide a quality product, at an affordable price, and with reliable shipping. These not only make the job of a consultant easier, but can help maximize revenue for the parties involved. We can take care of wholesale and retail purchases for consultants and their clients, which allows for a more custom and direct ordering process. With the use of drop-shipping and referral codes, we make the process for consultants as efficient as possible. We have good contracts with UPS for North American shipping and DHL for international shipping that provide us with quick and accurate quotes. In the end, this allows us to get timely and cost-effective delivery rates for either retail or bulk shipping options your business might require.

Process Overview:

The consultant discusses needed solutions with customers. The consultant either places the necessary orders with us or has the customers directly purchase with us, with personalized referral codes made for your particular businesses. You may also carry our products on your site, sell them off it, and have us process it. Whichever works best, we can facilitate to suit your business needs.


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