IoT for Everybody

We at IoT Off-Grid believe in getting IoT(Internet of Things) technology to communities that have significant disadvantages to access new and emergent technologies. Often, the access to newer technologies allow early adapting communities the ability to progress faster and significantly improve the quality of life for the inhabitants. With this in mind, IoT Off-Grid is rolling out a community outreach program, “IoT for Everybody”. Individuals, organization, and entities can submit community oriented programs that would benefit from integrating IoT technology.

What kind of program would it need to be?

The project you are submitting can be anything and doesn't necessarily have to be something that is known to have IoT or tech solutions widely implemented into. However, the project should have a positive effect on the community. The submission should exhibit clearly the merit the project and/or the IoT integration provide to the community. The positive effect on the community can be any of the following:

  • The introduction of IoT technology to an undeserving community in a meaningful way.
  • The project contributing directly to economical or social well-being of the community.
  • The fostering of innovation withing the community.
  • Addressing gaps in facilities that are necessary for communities (education, food security, safety, etc.)