About Us

Helium will be a game changer for the adaptation of the IoT devices more into everyday life. When we discovered Helium, we quickly bought a couple of miners and started setting up throughout New York and New Jersey. However, being tenants in one of the lower floors within the city with tall buildings, we couldn't leverage our miners to their full potential. That is when we started experimenting with self powered enclosures that we could put on top of the roof of our apartment building (with landlord’s permission of course). We needed a setup that was self powered as we weren’t allowed to connect the outdoor setup to the electrical system for safety reasons. Our setup also needed to be weatherproof. After days of experimentation, we were able to put together a 100% solar powered enclosure using NEMA certified weatherproof enclosures, solar panels, lithium ion batteries, charge module and Bobcat miners. We now have self powered miners all over New York City and North New Jersey mining hundreds of Helium per day. 

With successful testing and deploying, we believe that our enclosures will be highly valuable to other miners especially those who don’t have access to a tall building. Our enclosures are 100% solar powered and custom made to fit all four major Helium Miners (Bobcat, Rak, Nebra and SyncroB.it). You can learn more about our enclosures here

Not only miners enclosures, we are researching and developing real world application driven IoT devices based on the Helium network coverage. Solutions for Agro based systems, environmental conservation, hydroponic systems and remote monitoring via IoT based technologies can be both effective and economical. We are actively looking for more innovations to unveil and soon we will be available to purchase on our site.

We would love to hear more from you. If you have any questions or would like to collaborate to create a better future for sustainable crypto mining and IoT devices, please drop us an email at info@iotoffgrid.com.

- Thanuka and Arjun